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Connect with your guides, the angels,
the higher power. Get your relationship on track. She is a certified Psychic.
Midnight Magical Spirit channels.
She is an energy light healer.
You get the answers. 
Midnight Sheila cares for YOU.


This is Midnight Magical Spirits Website created to save you Money and time my vip Client/friends 


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Accurate, will provide professional available service to the clients. Have been a reader for 35 plus years (Predictions that came about since age nine) with happy clients in all states. NATIONALLY KNOWN.  NY PSYCHIC.  Relationship Specialist

I am Clairvoyant, Expert in Tarot, Astrology Master. Strictly confidential Readings!

Interpret dreams, also am an empath which allows me to feel their love, pain and feelings. Nonjudgmental, Honest.

Pet readings, Past lives, Five Star Top Psychic with clients from all walks of life, She is a radio celebrity in NY . Works psychic fairs and Seminars. Doctorate in Metaphysics. Shaman , Feng Shui, Numerology . Life Coach, Akashic records/Past life .

Master healer. Prayer and energy, light worker through God. 

Lifestyle & relationship expert. Holistic Lifestyle Expert

Shine your light!

Psychic Lifestyle & relationship expert.
Certified Psychic Intuitive Councelor/Teacher & Tarot Expert
Ordained Christian Pastor

I read thoughts & feelings which provides more clarity. I want you to feel at ease. Below you will find examples of my accuracy,
energy work and care.

 MMS...an absolute angel! So reassuring and comforting on everything I asked. She's so quick and thorough...definitely the real deal!! You will not be disappointed! Thank you MMS! Melissa

Midnight or Sheila D does so much for us. She gets me is and I am free after the guides advise and she is loving and caring... CALL HER, Love ya Midnight Sheila or MMS!!!!

Simply put~She is the best!! She has helped through emergencies and a horrific time in my life. I recommend her!  Sammi

 An amazing reader. I've been getting readings from her for years snd she's always super sweet & supportive...not to mention accurate & super insightful. I look forward to our next chat!! Thank you again!!!

 Midnight Magical Spirit rocks! She is very in-tuned and very giffed. She tunes in with very little needed and then nailed it all. I always feel better and positive after talking with her. She told me that I would hear run into my ex on or around New Years and I did after months and months and I saw him 2 weeks ago.She sees him and I reconnecting but he needs time before contactng me, I have to be patience and stay grounded. She confirmed his feelings for me still but sometimes its hard to believe but I have faith in Midnight . Thank you for your accuracy and your gift. I will talk to you soon as I wait or his contact /communication from him.....Xoxoxo take care~Molly

 Told me about my roommate. Saw that he was somewhere far away & would pay me. I finally heard from him a few days later & that is where he was. MMS is THE BEST. She is the kindest, she prays for us...and she is the most accurate. She has read for me for years and consistently tells me what my husband is feeling and what I can expect. It's been hard to believe what she says sometimes...and other psychics have told me the exact opposite. Well, 3 days ago when everythng seemed lost, she told me she saw him moving closer and this time would be different. Less than 24 hours later everything she said happened! It couldn't believe it. And it is different in the exact way she said. Thank you...thank you for putting up with me through all this. You are beyond incredible...and I will call soon to thank you in person!

 1st time caller to MMS- phenomenal! she tuned in right away and information just flowed- she gave some really good predictions for me and my BF for next year and beyond- sees marriage for us! Thank You so much MMS I will definitely call you again!

 She has earned the #1 title here. She is accurate and very loving and patient and will talk to you as many times as necessary!! Everything she has told me over the past two months have happened and I will forever be her friend and client forever!!! I strong recommend you calling her today!! She is wonderful!!

She is always accurate and compassionate...looking forward to your predictions..thanks so much for keeping me focused and giving me the strength to be patient..will keep you posted, many blessings !


        Certified expert in Spiritual Guidance For 35 years...   

Midnight Magical Spirit is very involved in animal rights amid other charity organizations. Working with energy allows animal whispering. Her pet readings connect with the animal, you get answers to end behavior issues.
She Volunteers and Donates along with caring for her own.

If you Appreciated my work

Thank You for the love bonus!

Love Readings


Pet Readings

Midnight Magical Spirit
Relationship, Love, Career, Pets, Dreams,
Astrology, Tarot, Numerology. Any subject or question.
Readings that give you answers.
My clients are valued VIP people that are treated as such.

After Paypal you can reach me in contact box below if you like & schedule as well.

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Leave Midnight Magical Spirit your feedback. Feel free to request readings & Cleansings, Positive Messages, ♥'s, smiles, requests for positive energy, prayers , any service!! ...I am a qualified light worker.
✫Love, Midnight✫

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Love & Relationship

Inspirational Quote's

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us..." 

Marianne Williamson

Whatever your dream , go after it. Never settle.

"The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, and this you will become.
James Allen

 True magic is a 
miracle.  Believe in yourself and the magic of miracles will happen...
Your messages come from Angels and Prophesy/Visions. There is no evil here.

Rates are:
$39 for 20 minutes

 $110 for 60 minutes


Please put your name, phone and
appointment request in Paypal note section. You may space your minutes.  Your all loved the same.
Blessings & Thank You.


This is a certified business. Payment is required. Please pay promptly previous to your readings to keep rates low.
 Legalities: For entertainment and general guidance only. Please refer to a medical practitioner for health issues. 
  Only persons over 18 years and above will be accepted. Any
reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the
recipient as you make the final decisions in your life as your free will reins.
    you're ALWAYS VIP HERE


   Midnight Magical Spirit has the answers...     

Bringing you quality & Authentic
All your questions, Concerns & needs are very important to me...

  WINTER SPRING SUMMER OR FALL, All you have to do is call...  You are loved...

Midnight Magical Spirit
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