~Authentic Readings~

~Authentic Readings~

The Relationship Expert


The Relationship Expert



Welcome to the place where the angels have the answers. Where you can ask any questions without judgement and you're V.I.P! You are loved and cherished here.


Get the next steps you need to truly bring abundance and peace into your life. Connect with your guides and find your path. Shine your light!



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A Clairvoyant, Astrology Master, and a certified Angelologist card reader. Relationship expert.  She is also an Empath, Life Coach and has a Doctorate in Metaphysics.


Dream interpretation, past lives, numerology, life coach, Master Healer. Prayer & Energy Work, Lifestyle and relationship expert. Pet Readings


She has been reading for over 35 years. which started with predictions  at the age of 9. She provides accurate and honest readings. Her clients are always V.I.P!


Midnight Magical Spirit is very involved in animal rights as well as other charity organizations. Working with energy allows animal whispering. Her pet readings connect with the animal, You get answers to end behavioral issues

Midnight Magical also volunteers and Donates.


I've been getting readings from Midnight for 15 years. She is ALWAYS kind and compassionate. No matter what the situation, She shines a light on it in such a way that I can see my way to a better me and a better life. She has helped my kitties overcome anxiety as well as offer invaluable insight as to why one was peeing on our floor. (naughty fur ball). Midnight is a true sweetheart who whole heartedly cares for her clients. You're in good hands. Call her today!

~ K

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Midnight does so much for us. She gets me is and I am free after the guides advise and she is loving and caring… CALL HER, Love ya midnight Sheila or MMS!!!!

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Simply put~She is the best!! She has helped me through emergencies and a horrific time in my life. I recommend her! 

~ Sammi

An amazing reader. I’ve been getting readings from her for years and she’s always super sweet & supportive…not to mention accurate & super insightful. I look forward to our next chat!! Thank you again!!!

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1st time caller to MMS- phenomenal! She tuned in right away and information just flowed- she gave me some really good predications for me and my BF for next year and beyond- sees marriage for us! Thank you so much MMS I will definitely call you again!

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MMS…an absolute angel! So reassuring and comforting on everything I asked. She’s so quick and through…definitely the real deal! You will not be disappointed! Thank you MMS!  

- Melissa

She has earned the #1 title here. She is accurate and very loving and patient and will talk to you as many times as necessary!! Everything she has told me over the past two months have happened and I will forever be her friend and client forever!!! I strongly recommend you calling her today!! She is wonderful!!


She is always accurate and compassionate…looking forward to your predictions..thanks so much for keeping me focused and giving me the strength to be patient..will keep you posted, many blessings!

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Career, love, positive outcome, marriage, house blessings, and Pet Blessings

Helping people and animals is her calling. Any donations to aid in her work are greatly appreciated.

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"There are some things,  after all,  that I know for certain. Always throw salt over your left shoulder. Keep Rosemary by your garden gate.  Plant Roses and Lavender for luck... 

And fall in love whenever you can." 

      - Sally, Practical Magic

Privacy & Legal Bits

All Readings are strictly confidential. 

This is a registered business. Payment is required. Please pay promptly, prior to your reading in order to keep rates low.

Readings are for entertainment and general guidance only. Please consult your medical professional for all health related issues.

Only persons 18 or older will be accepted. 

Any reading or message given is the sole responsibility of the recipient as you make the final decisions in your life.